How to Include Amazon Posts in Your US Amazon Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide

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Examples of Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is a feature that aims to shake up brand building and boost customer engagement within the marketplace.

Being ahead of the curve is essential for success in the fast-paced world of ecommerce. 

Amazon Posts is an effective marketing weapon that will help your brand flourish in the competitive online marketplace.

What are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is a free marketing tool that allows sellers to use handpicked images to illustrate their brand’s narrative, similar to how a social network feed appears and functions.

Posts provide an innovative method to highlight items with lifestyle photos, shareable material, and narratives, directly influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions.

They are positioned on product detail pages, in brand feeds, and in related product feeds.

Who is Eligible for Amazon Posts?

Currently available only for US sellers who are enrolled in the Brand Registry on

Read on to discover how to include Amazon Posts in your US Amazon strategy.

Where Do the Posts Appear?

Advertisers cannot select post locations; Amazon handles this by assigning relevant category tags. These posts are visible only on mobile devices through the Amazon app. 

Posts can be found in following areas:

  • Product detail pages: Positioned between the “Customers who bought this item also bought” and “Customer Questions” sections for cross-selling opportunities.
  • Competitor’s product detail pages: To attract shoppers looking at similar products.
  • Related post-feed: Shows related posts when a shopper views a post.
  • Category feed: Displays all posts under the same category tag when clicked.
Examples of Amazon Posts
Benefits of Amazon Posts for Sellers

Using Amazon Posts can:

  • Improve your brand’s visibility considerably
  • Strengthen your relationship with your target market
  • Increase traffic to your product listings
  • Increase purchase rates as the tagged products are shoppable

It offers a venue for emphasizing the special qualities, applications, and advantages of your product in an engaging way without making it too sales-oriented.

Developing Your Amazon Posts Strategy

Identify Who Your Target Market Is

The first step to writing a successful Amazon post is identifying your ideal customer. To better adapt your material to your customers’ tastes and requirements, analyze their demographics, purchase patterns, and hobbies.

Produce Content That Speaks to People

It takes more than just showing your stuff to create content that connects with your audience. It comes down to crafting a personal narrative that reflects your brand’s beliefs and makes your products desirable to consumers.

Top Tips for Post Creation on Amazon
  • Use High-Quality Photos: To attract attention and leave a lasting impression, make sure your photos are vibrant and sharp
  • Write Attention-Grabbing Captions: Captions ought to give your postings personality and context
  • Publish at the Right Time: Determine when your audience is most engaged and publish your content at that time to get the greatest exposure and interaction.

Incorporating Amazon Posts in Your Amazon Strategy

1. Complement Your Brand Identity

In order to maintain consistency across all platforms and audience touchpoints, your Amazon Posts should represent and uphold your brand identity.

2. Support Other Amazon Initiatives

A unified brand experience is created when Amazon Posts are integrated with your current Amazon marketing initiatives, such as Sponsored Products, A+ Content, and Brand Store. This may improve consumer loyalty and boost sales.

3. Monitoring and Examining Post-Performance

Understanding how your Amazon Posts are affecting your business requires that you keep an eye on their performance.

With the insights and statistics that Amazon offers, such as viewable impressions, clicks and click throughs, you can improve your approach and post more effectively in the future.

3 Advanced Tips for Successful Amazon Posts

1. Make the Most of Influencer Collaborations

Your brand’s visibility and reputation may be increased by collaborating with influencers, which can increase traffic to your Amazon listings.

2. Content Optimization Through A/B Testing

Try various publishing times, captions, and image combinations to see what works best for your audience. This will help you refine your content strategy over time.

3. Discovering Seasonal and Event-Based Posting Opportunities

Utilize seasonal events and trends to your advantage by producing timely, relevant material that draws customers in and increases revenue.

Your Amazon Post Strategy

Incorporating Amazon Posts into your US Amazon strategy provides a one-of-a-kind chance to increase brand awareness, interact more genuinely with your target audience, and ultimately drive sales.

You can use Amazon Posts to build a more engaging and dynamic online presence by adhering to the suggested best practices and iteratively adjusting your strategy based on performance metrics.

When thoughtfully included in your entire Amazon strategy, Amazon Posts provides a unique combination of product demonstration and storytelling that may fascinate your audience and increase revenue.

If you’re selling on, seize the chance to set your company apart, interact with clients, and improve ecommerce performance.

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