Why You Need a Brand Store on Amazon

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A strategically prepared Brand Store on Amazon is the perfect way to encourage conversions and build brand loyalty.

At Fluid Marketplaces, we’re the experts in setting up or improving your Amazon Brand Store so it is optimized for success. 

Using SEO copywriting, A+ Content and Amazon best practice, we’ll showcase your product catalog in a way that connects with your target audience.

Read on to discover more about Brand Stores.

What is an Amazon Brand Store for?
Your Amazon Brand Store is used to:
  • Showcase your full product range
  • Act as landing pages for Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Tell a compelling brand story and build your brand’s recognition
  • Generate trust in your products from new-to-brand shoppers
  • Reduce the risk of a competitor’s product luring shoppers away
How a Brand Store can help your Amazon business 
Here is a list of the common problems that our clients come to us with when they don’t have a Brand Store:
  • No Brand Registry
  • Lack of control over your brand image
  • Advertising campaigns failing due to poor brand recognition 
  • Products getting overshadowed by competitors in search results
What you can expect from Brand Store from Fluid Marketplaces
When we work with clients on their Brand Store, we offer:
  • Brand Registry: In order to create your brand store, we will register your trademark with Amazon’s brand registry
  • Set up of your Amazon Brand Store: Design and development of a Amazon storefront that showcases your brand and product catalog
  • Brand story creation: Add a content block to all listings that highlights your values, ethos, and history as a brand 
  • Optimization of your Amazon Brand Store: Create a more seamless customer experience by improving your Brand Store’s navigation and pages
  • Content Creation: Produce A+ Content including images and videos that tell your brand story and highlight your products’ USPs link to Content & SEO service page
  • Quality assurance and compliance: Your Brand Store will meet Amazon’s requirements in whichever territory you’re selling in
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