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Support for Amazon

Are you a new Amazon seller hoping to break into a restricted product category? Or has your business been dealing with account suspensions on Amazon?

Navigating the complexities of selling on Amazon can be frustrating.  But fear not, we can help with our Support for Amazon service.

Our Support & Troubleshooting service works with you in two ways:

  1. Research: Identifying account or policy issues 
  2. Seller Support: Streamlining communication with Amazon Support

We’ll take the stress out of selling on Amazon, so you make your mark on the world’s largest marketplace.

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How can our support & troubleshooting team help you on Amazon?

Get ready to overcome any obstacles and unlock your business potential.

After helping dozens of clients troubleshoot issues on Amazon, we are the specialists in overcoming challenges that are commonly faced by Amazon sellers.

These include:

Whether it’s overturning blocked products or overcoming the UK’s HFSS regulations, our Support for Amazon service is dedicated to championing your business.

What you can expect from our Support for Amazon service

We’re here to get your business running smoothly on Amazon. Let us help you overcome any and all challenges that arise on your Amazon journey. 

Our comprehensive support service includes:

What to expect from our Support for Amazon service

Once you’ve signed up to our Troubleshooting service, you’ll enroll in a three-stage guided process to get you moving on Amazon: Prepare, Contact and Management.


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Ongoing management

Your Amazon Partner

Established in 2009, we have a team of 20+ commerce experts who've worked with leading brands across Home & Garden, Gifting, Food & Beverages, Sportswear, Health & Beauty and Fashion & Accessories.

As an Amazon Ads Verified Partner we offer expertise in Amazon’s ad ecosystem PLUS efficient campaign management, tailored strategies, detailed performance analytics, and up-to-date knowledge of advertising trends and updates.

Why work with Fluid Marketplaces for Amazon?

With headquarters in Miami, USA, and Manchester, UK, our global Amazon marketing team works seamlessly with clients based in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

"Fluid Marketplaces really impressed us from the outset. Their in-depth knowledge of Le Col and extensive research and analysis really showcased their experience with the Amazon platform."
Andrew Longley
Digital Director - Le Col

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