Martins Chocolatier

Overcoming HFSS restrictions in the UK for sweet success and strengthening advertising efforts with SEO to produce 50% increase in revenue

Martin’s Chocolatier is an independent chocolate company specializing in artisan European chocolates. They sell handmade chocolates sourced from a wide range of internationally-renowned artisan chocolatiers.

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The Challenge

In Q4 of 2022, Martin’s faced challenges due to HFSS restrictions. Over 50% of their products became non-compliant for advertising practically overnight. 

This led to a loss of visibility and customer discovery opportunities – in the previous quarter advertising accounted for 46.6% of revenue. 

In addition:

  • Q4 is the pinnacle quarter of the year for chocolate companies
  • Martin’s faced fierce competition for market share from big name brands

Our objective was to:

  • Maintain competitiveness against established brands
  • Achieve 30% increase in YoY Q4 revenue
  • Increase Brand Store visitors by 500%


The Solution

To combat HFSS, our strategy was to:

  • Conduct competitor analysis to identify top-performing products
  • Use findings from competitor analysis to optimize our listings
  • Leverage Amazon’s Brand Analytics to incorporate popular search terms into our advertising campaigns 
  • Enhance our best-selling products
  • Improve the shopper’s Brand Store navigation experience
  • Identify and address any product gaps in our existing advertising campaigns

The Work

To optimize our advertising reach, we:

  • Reviewed the selection of current advertised ASINs
  • Built new campaigns that plugged the product gaps
  • Introduced new keywords and search terms 
  • Launched new products that were HFSS compliant |

To improve the conversion rates of our ads, we:

  • Improved product titles based on gaps identified by our competitor research 
  • Enhanced the information in the bullet points on product pages
  • Enriched our bestselling range with A+ content

Finally, we improved the Brand Store by:

  • Showcased our best selling products across different customer segments on the homepage
  • Streamlined the sub-pages and positioned the most popular products at the top

The Results

Year-on-year, we saw:

  • 1786% more traffic to the Brand Store
  • 478% increase in ad revenue
  • 50% increase in total sales
  • 914% increase in impressions
  • 319% New-to-Brand orders
  • 1,786% increase in Brand Store visitors

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