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We’re proud to announce our strategic expansion on the global stage through the launch of Fluid Marketplaces, a dedicated Amazon agency. 

The initiative underscores our commitment to leveraging our expertise in Amazon marketing services on an international scale, extending our successful UK-based model to a worldwide clientele.

Adam Hindle, managing director of Fluid Marketplaces, said: “The establishment of Fluid Marketplaces is a strategic response to the success of our Amazon service, which was launched under Fluid Commerce in 2019, from which demand has boomed over the years from both UK and international clients.”

“Launching a separate agency, Fluid Marketplaces, will enable us to concentrate our efforts on Amazon marketing services and utilise our proven expertise to support business success globally.”

Operating from Manchester, UK, and Miami, Florida, Fluid Marketplaces will streamline the process of business growth on Amazon. It offers specialised services tailored to meet the needs of businesses in the USA looking to enter the UK and EU markets, and vice versa. 

This approach is designed to address the burgeoning demand for specialised Amazon marketing services. It will also fulfil the ambitions of merchants to scale their operations through global ecommerce channels.

“Fluid Marketplaces represents a pivotal achievement in our mission to deliver unmatched marketplace solutions,” Hindle added.

“With our bases in Manchester and Miami, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate market connectivity, providing a comprehensive pathway for businesses in both regions to succeed on Amazon.”

With a focused strategy on Amazon, Fluid Marketplaces is set to provide unparalleled expertise, insights, and strategies to assist businesses in maximising their potential and profitability on one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world.

Businesses in the USA and Europe will benefit from the extensive experience and proven track record of Fluid in ecommerce. They’ll receive bespoke services designed to navigate the complexities of selling on Amazon across international boundaries.

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