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Amazon Brand Registry unlocks access to exclusive features, one of which being the Brand Story. This feature is the perfect place to pull out your brand’s USPs, humanise your brand and give potential customers a chance to get to know the people and the story behind the brand. 

In this blog post, we will explore what Amazon’s Brand Story is, how it can benefit your brand, and best practices for creating an effective Brand Story.


What is an Amazon Brand Story?

Put simply, Brand Stories relay the story of your brand to Amazon shoppers. Available exclusively for brand-registered sellers, these multi-module content blocks are positioned above the fold on product detail pages, usually on top of the A+ Content.

Think of them as a mini pitch deck, allowing sellers to foster deeper connections with shoppers through a blend of images, text, and direct links to your Amazon Brand Store. 

Originally launched in the US in 2020, this free-to-use feature has been refined and is now available across all Amazon marketplaces, continuously evolving with new modules and functionalities to empower sellers in their brand storytelling. 

Anilas product page showing Brand Story and A+ Content

Why use a Brand Story?

Brand Immersion – Foster brand recognition and loyalty by sharing your unique brand story to resonate with customers. For sellers specializing in continuity products, this becomes a powerful strategy to bolster customer relationships, ensuring a steady stream of repeat conversions. Keep your customers coming back for more by weaving a narrative that captivates and connects.

Customizable Content – Craft a narrative that goes beyond individual product listings, creating a cohesive brand identity through visually appealing and immersive content.

Multi-Page Layout – Organise content effectively with the ability to create multiple pages, each focusing on different facets of your brand, whether it’s your history, ethos, key products, or customer testimonials.

Mobile-Friendly Design – As the number 1 shopping app in the US, it’s safe to say everyone is familiar with using Amazon on the go, so ensuring a seamless experience for customers across devices is imperative. Brand Stories have a design that translates on both desktop and mobile, ensuring you reach your customers wherever they may be. 

Product Directory – Alternatively, the brand story is a dynamic tool to showcase your product offering with custom imagery and direct links to your Amazon Brand store.

Top Tips When Creating Your Brand Story

  • Brand Registry Compliance – To unlock the Amazon Brand Story, sellers need to be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, underlining the importance of brand protection and control. Stay up-to-date with Amazon’s Brand Registry requirements to seamlessly integrate and leverage the Brand Story feature

  • Define Your Brand – Showcase your brand identity, using strong visuals and an enthralling narrative to reflect your brand’s values, uniqueness and ethos. Make sure to really connect with your target audience

  • Consistency is Key – Maintain a seamless brand identity across all Amazon assets by ensuring your brand colours, tone of voice and fonts are consistent

  • Visual Appeal – Leverage high-quality images and engaging content to create an eye-catching and memorable brand experience. Choose from the 4 module types available: About Us, Media Assets, Q&A, and a Product Showcase. Mix and match these modules to keep your audience captivated and well-informed

  • Strategic Organization – Plan your multi-page layout strategically, focusing on key elements that showcase your brand’s journey, values, and products effectively. Be sure to start with a bang and highlight your most compelling USPs towards the beginning of the carousel

  • Mobile Optimization – Ensure that your Brand Story is optimized for mobile devices to cater to the diverse ways customers access content on Amazon. With a minimum size requirement of 362px x 453px be sure to opt for high-quality images and avoid any blurriness or low quality. Steer clear of watermarks and tiny, unreadable text on mobile devices to ensure your content gets the green light. Let your visuals shine without any hiccups!

  • Follow Amazon’s Guidelines – Get your content implemented as soon as possible and avoid delays in the approval process by following Amazon’s content guidelines. This includes substantiating claims, avoiding buzz words and not including any guarantee or warranty info.

Don’t forget to test

Amazon’s split testing platform ‘Experiments’ has recently added the ability to conduct A/B tests on your Brand Story. This allows you to verify their resonance with your target audience and analyse their effectiveness in driving conversions.

It’s important to conduct thorough testing and analysis. Create and trial multiple versions of your content with variations in images, text, and layouts, and measure the differences in conversion rates and copy effectiveness.

Elevate Your Brand with Amazon Brand Story

Amid the bustling Amazon marketplace, Amazon Brand Story stands as a beacon for brand-registered sellers seeking to differentiate themselves.

It’s not just a space; it’s an opportunity to create a lasting impression, engage customers, and build a brand that resonates. Craft your unique narrative with Amazon Brand Story, and let your brand shine bright in the e-commerce cosmos.

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