How to Fix Common Issues with Amazon’s Global Selling Feature

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Dreaming of expanding your Amazon business to a global audience?

With Amazon’s rapidly growing number of marketplaces, reaching over 200 million Prime members and billions of active customers worldwide, the potential for explosive growth is undeniable. But for many sellers, the road to global domination can be unexpectedly bumpy.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been approached by an alarming number of sellers who are facing issues while setting up their global selling accounts. 

But fear not! We’re here to help you conquer the Global Selling beast.

The Problem

The Sell Globally dashboard promises to be your one-stop shop for managing international accounts and conquering new marketplaces.

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However, our clients reported it becoming a labyrinth more than a launchpad. Common errors they experienced on Amazon’s Sell Global feature included:

  • Phantom accounts appeared and disappeared
  • Amazon said that the UK account already existed when it didn’t and they had to start all over again
  • After Sellers hit “register now”, Amazon sent them into a loop where they need to log in again; and then tell them they aren’t registered in that region, to then hit register again and it say the same thing over and over
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Do any of these sound familiar?

Well, fear not, through close collaboration with our clients, we’ve developed 4 key strategies to navigate these challenges and unlock your global selling potential.

1. Case Management Support

While contacting Amazon’s Seller Support is always the recommended route (and creates a documented record of your issue), it can be a maze to navigate.

That’s where we come in, our team understands the intricacies of the system and can communicate effectively to get to the bottom of any account flags.

Think of us as your translators, fluent in the language of Amazon. We bridge the gap, ensuring your case reaches the most relevant Seller Support team in the right marketplace, ultimately getting you the results you deserve.

2. Documentation Review

Every marketplace demands valid payment methods, business information, and tax documentation for new accounts, so a meticulous review of all relevant documents is crucial..

Using our team’s expertise, we thoroughly check that all relevant documents are in line with Amazon requirements, spotting any potential hurdles before it comes to the verification stage.

3. Guidance on Creating a New Account

Utilizing our platform expertise we can guide you through optimal seller account creation, whether this is a new regional account or a brand new account.

Amazon’s account creation can be tricky – setting up duplicates or using the wrong information can lead to suspensions.

But don’t worry! We understand the ins and outs, and can ensure your accounts are compliant and up-to-speed, minimizing risks and keeping your main account running smoothly.

4. Merge Accounts

Once you’ve created your new Amazon account, the final step is to connect it to your existing one. Our expert team understands the intricacies of the merging process and the potential hurdles.

We’ll walk you through it step-by-step, troubleshoot problems, and liaise with Amazon Seller Support on your behalf to ensure everything is running as it should.

Start Your Selling Journey

Conquering Amazon requires a well-defined strategy, meticulous planning, and comprehensive documentation. A well-structured account setup and unwavering determination are essential for success.

Our Amazon experts at Fluid Marketplaces provide the key ingredients: preparedness, consistency, and expert support to help you thrive on this dynamic platform.

The Amazon team at Fluid Marketplaces goes beyond Content Optimization, Advertising and Strategy with our Troubleshooting & Support service for Amazon.

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