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Did you miss the deadline to submit your products for Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Deals? If so, fear not!

There are plenty of other strategies for you to use that will help you make the most of Amazon Prime Day.

Read on to discover the five alternative offers you can use to drive sales during the world’s biggest online shopping event.

Once you’ve learnt about these promotions and discounts, keeping reading to hear our top strategic tips on how to put them into practice.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Before we get started, here’s a quick summary of the big day: Amazon Prime Day is an exciting event that draws millions of customers each year, all on the hunt for irresistible offers.

With over 300 million products sold worldwide during last year’s event, it’s no wonder that Amazon sellers are already gearing up for this massive online shopping extravaganza.

Alternative Prime Day Offers & Promotions

1. Deals

Amazon Deals, unlike “Lightning Deals”, are available for a longer duration, lasting from a few days to a week, giving you plenty of time to showcase your products.

Displayed on the “Deals” page and product detail pages, marked with a “Deal” badge, eligible sellers can leverage Amazon deals to make product listings more enticing to potential customers.

Note: During Amazon’s Prime Day, fees for Deals are higher due to increased customer traffic that provides greater exposure and potential sales.

The fee is determined by the country and the chosen week for running the Deal, displayed during the Deal creation process. Changes in variations, quantity, and price do not affect the fee.

2. Vouchers

Vouchers offer the ability to feature up to 200 products in one voucher. You can offer either a percentage off or a money-off discount to customers with a minimum discount restriction of 5% and maximum 50%.

Button showing 'Apply  voucher' on Amazon

Note: There is a redemption fee per voucher of around £0.45, so be sure to set a budget for how many vouchers can be claimed.

3. Prime Exclusive Discounts

Available solely to Prime members, any products that are eligible for Prime shipping also qualify for Prime exclusive discounts.

With a minimum of 10% off, the offer will be displayed as a strikethrough on the listings page. This enables customers to see the original price and how much they’d be saving.

button showing a strikethrough of price on Amazon

4. Promotions

Amazon promotions have buy-one-get-one-free and percentage-off options. These can both be used across the Prime Day event to drive sales and cross-sell products.

For example – creating a ‘buy X get Y free” can help entice customers to purchase more with the promise of a free additional product, such as “buy 2 moisturisers get 1 free face mask”.

Note: Orders with promotions incur a referral fee based on the total sales price, including product price and additional charges like delivery and gift wrap.

Some product categories have a minimum referral fee applicable to all items in the order so be sure to check the fees!

5. Subscribe & Save

Should you sell a product that is likely to be replenished in the future, such as skincare products or vitamins, offering Subscribe & Save discounts can be a good way to encourage sales among customers that are already browsing for deals throughout the event.

Subscribe & Save discounts will encourage customers to sign up for recurring deliveries, encouraging repeat purchases and generating customer loyalty.

Our Top Tips

1. Advertise Early

Customers have a tendency to start browsing their desired products before the big event, so be sure to get started with your advertising efforts at least the week prior and catch the attention of those customers early.

Bear in mind they are likely to window shop in the run up to the event but hold off on purchasing until the day of to bag a bargain, so don’t be deterred if there is an increase in impressions but decline in conversions.

Competition will also be fierce around the event. Be sure to allow extra budget around this time to ensure your products are front and centre whether customers are just browsing or purchasing.

2. Protect your pages

Utilise Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns to protect your product detail pages from competitors, keep customers within your brand once they hit that first product page.

Particularly if there is an active offer, advertising complimentary products from your brand on these pages could encourage additional purchases.

3. Keep the momentum going

After Prime Day ends, savvy shoppers will continue to visit Amazon to see if they can sweep up any lingering deals.

Offering a lower discount amount or BOGOF promotion after the Prime Day ends can keep the momentum going and drive additional sales post Prime Day.

Position your brand for success

While the deadline for submitting lightning deals may have passed, there are still numerous strategies you can employ to make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2023 and position your brand for success during this monumental shopping event.

Embrace these alternative approaches, adapt to the situation, and prepare to seize the amazing opportunities that Amazon Prime Day brings.

If you need a hand getting your promotions set up, or want to make sure you’re better prepared for the next Prime Day, get in touch with our award-winning Amazon marketing team today.

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